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Energy is one of the most critical aspect for the Social, Environmental and Economic wellbeing across the globe. There is an increasing importance given to energy efficiency, renewables and management solutions at industrial, offices and residential facilities. We work with several government and private sector clients across all aspects of energy and associated aspects.


“A Stich in Time Saves Nine”  Climate Change risk is real and timely adaptation is critical for organisations, regions and cities across the globe. Our assessments, evaluations and support help governments and organisations to understand their risks and approaches to mitigate and manage them.


In the modern world, we consume a huge number of natural resources and make decisions solely to improve performance. Sustainability sits on three pillars – social inclusion, economic development, and environmental protection. We support organisations and governments in knowing and showing to their stakeholders that they care, Sustainably

Smart Cities

To succeed in the 21st Century, our cities need to be productive, accessible and sustainable. We provide advisory services to cities helping them in adopting smart solutions to address their needs through new disruptive smart technologies.

We are a client focused professional services company that provides solutions to complex problems and helps you deliver effective and sustainable solutions to your energy, process and emissions challenges. We are a small but diverse team of highly principled people that share a common belief in science, technology and sustainability.



We are a client-focused professional services company that provides solutions to complex problems and helps you deliver effective and sustainable solutions on several subjects. For convenience we've grouped them into the areas below:-

Environmental Accounting

Efficient collection and management of data from many internal and external sources then conversion to the format required for compliance or voluntary reporting.


Assisting organisations in Corporate Sustainability Management, Strategy, Implementation and Reporting, Sustainable Land Development and Sustainable Supply Chain Management.


Providing Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency Assessments, Renewable Energy Advisory, ISO: 50001 based Energy Management System, Energy Cost Minimisation Strategies and Energy Procurement Advisory

Government Advisory

Providing advisory to various Governmental policy, strategic and operational subjects for Sustainability, Climate Change Adaptation and Smart Cities.

Process Improvement

Improving industrial and operational processes by engendering eco-efficiency and intelligence to enhance the economic, environmental and social triple bottom line.

International Developmental Assistance & Capacity building

Working with International Developmental Organisation projects for Policy / Program Advice, Project Technical Assistance, Economic Diplomacy, Upskilling, Training, and Capacity building


CCR is a client-focused professional service company that helps you deliver effective and sustainable solutions on several subjects related to energy, environment, and sustainability. For convenience, we have grouped them into the areas below:

Energy Efficiency and Management Systems

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • ISO: 50001 based Energy Management System
  • Energy cost minimization strategies
  • Process improvements

Environmental Accounting

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental accounting
  • Compliance and voluntary reporting

Corporate Sustainability

  • Assisting organizations in management, strategic planning, implementation and reporting for corporate sustainability
  • Sustainable land development
  • Sustainable supply chain management

Smart City

  • End-to-end consultancy to smart city projects for technical, financial and strategic or project management concerns

Renewable Energy

End-to-End consultancy for renewable energy projects to carry out:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • System designs
  • Procurement and installation
  • Monitoring systems
  • Maintenance


  • Policy / Program advice to international projects
  • Project technical assistance
  • Training and capacity building

Government Advisory

Advising government institutions on:

  • Policy research, development and deployment
  • Sustainable development
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Smart cities planning and infrastructure development

Smart Buildings

Design and implementation of IOT-based smart system solutions to integrate building functions that include:

  • Comfort conditioning
  • Parking Management systems
  • Building automation systems
  • Any other systems for a building

Energy Procurement

  • Assessment of energy needs
  • Managing energy supply procurement and contracts for government bodies and private organizations

Environmental Management Systems

  • End-to-end assistance for planning, implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems for corporations, industries and government bodies

Reporting and Assurance

  • Reporting and assurance to organizations for effective risk management and to make the stakeholders aware of any relevant material key concerns

Smart Assets Management

Design and implementation of IOT based smart assets management systems, with turnkey solutions to ceaselessly monitor and help you manage your assets

Training and Capacity Building

  • Training and capacity building of staff for a broad range of energy, environment and sustainability related concerns at government and private organizations.






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