The uncontrolled and irresponsible use of resources by businesses and government alike has resulted in significant depletion of resources and affected human wellbeing. Continuing our operations as it is will make it difficult to sustain this beautiful world for future generations.

In response to these problems, governments and businesses are gradually pushing towards the adoption of principles of social, economic and environmental responsibility within their strategies, structures and management systems.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. CCR helps their clients to plan, deploy, manage and report the sustainability aspects associated with their business and engage their stakeholders in a periodic basis to ensure that the client’s performance across these sustainability aspects in ever improving.

Local government advisory

Every day, local governments make decisions that impact energy use, including those related to vehicle fuel, building electricity use, air quality, economic development, public health, and quality of life.

Sustainable, climate-friendly actions can have positive benefits, including reducing costs for residents and businesses, saving energy and water, reducing waste and preparing for the future and potential impacts of climate change.

CCR helps local governments to employ sustainable developments and enhance sustainability standards, advising on:

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Sustainable development
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Smart Cities planning and infrastructure development

Corporate sustainability

Governments across the globe have realized the adverse effects of climate change on human lives are now imposing awareness programs and regulations to control the factors that are affecting the environment.

Corporate Sustainability is the long-term investment done by businesses towards their goodwill in society, market, employees, and stakeholders.

CCR helps businesses enhance their corporate sustainability by assisting with:

  • Management, strategic planning, implementation, and reporting for corporate sustainability
  • Sustainable land development
  • Sustainable supply chain management

Reporting and Assurance

Society’s increasing awareness about environmental and social issues, climate change, sustainable supply chain management, natural disasters and the scarcity of natural resources has contributed to a transformation in the way business is conducted.

Organizations are using sustainability reporting and assurance of sustainability reports in an attempt to provide accountability to their stakeholders. A better understanding of current practices is essential to provide a base for comparative and trend analyses.

CCR holds AA1000AS certification for Accountability and Assurance Provision. We help our clients with reporting and assurance for effective risk management and to make their stakeholders aware of any relevant and material concerns.

Training and Capacity building

CCR’s sustainability solutions include training and capacity building programs to make clients capable of handling their business concerns. We educate our clients to raise their skill sets and enable them to get insight into their businesses and identify the bottlenecks. We provide training and capacity building programs for:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy management systems
  • Environmental management systems
  • Sustainability
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Local government capacity building programs




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